Passenger announcements from the Cloud!

If you start your journey at an airport in Germany, you will usually hear the automatic announcements from our PAXGuide system. For more than 20 years not only major airports in Germany have been using PAXGuide, but also station networks, up to the Australian New South Wales Railway, large industrial plants and airports worldwide have been automating their announcement processes with our solution. Over the years, the system has been continuously developed and the latest technologies have been implemented.


Now we are especially pleased to announce one of the biggest developments of the PAXGuide system in recent years:


With the support of the Distr@l-program of the state of Hessen we are developing a digitalized and cloud-based version of our automatic announcement system – PAXGuide Cloud.  In the future, automatic announcements will be streamed from our cloud airports and other customers worldwide. Interfaces to other systems such as camera systems or public address systems ensure maximum automation. Another special feature of the PAXGuide Cloud is the modular software architecture. It allows the system to be easily and individually adapted to your own requirements according to the modular principle. PAXGuide Cloud thus offers maximum flexibility and significantly reduces the expenditure for on-site IT infrastructures.

In addition to our on-premise PAXGuide system, PAXGuide Cloud is a modern software solution that will introduce a new era in passenger and employee information.


Join us on our journey!


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