Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

is now

Sittig Technologies GmbH

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Sittig Technologies GmbH develops, produces, installs and maintains software and hardware for audio and data transmission.

Started as an engineering office with a focus on programming CNC milling machines for large sheet metal parts, including renowned shipping companies and shipbuilders, the company has developed over more than 30 years into a leading provider of software and special components for public address systems, evacuation systems and complex IT networks.

While in the 1990s the focus was on programming of such CNC systems and in particular on the development and production of complex industrial electronics, the company has since developed into an internationally active provider of software solutions. In addition to the automation of voice announcements for air and rail travelers, the company’s core competencies lie in the networking of complex systems that are necessary for such announcements. These are public address, communication and evacuation systems, which must be available in all public buildings. They are used for passenger announcements, fire brigade evacuation announcements, conference systems and also in large churches and on exhibition areas.

However, the change from industrial electronics to software and programming would be too short-sighted. Innovative IP hardware components that are not available on the market, such as call stations, IP amplifiers and monitoring units, continue to represent an important part of the products and solutions.

This is to be embodied by the new name “Sittig Technologies”. The increasing internationalization of the company is also emphasized by this.

The change of the legal form to a GmbH contributes to the simplification of the corporate structure and is also more internationally common than the previous GmbH und Co. KG.

The company Sittig is thus also optimally positioned for the future and ready for the new tasks.